Our vision is to give our customers more time.

Optimal alignment towards our customers and their needs is our daily challenge in order to make their daily life a little bit easier.

Due to scope of performance that is tailored to suit the market need and full compatibility with well known manufacturers, Hipp has grown into one of the leading companies in area of endoscopy. Not leading with regard to sheer size or mass, but leading in key areas as a manufactury of selected product range of medical and industrial endoscopes and most of all as a manufacturer independent service provider in area of endoscopy in Europe.

An integrated service provider with traditional system of value

Hipp Endoskop Service GmbH was founded in July 1996 by Alexander and Frank Hipp. The production and repair of all types of medical and industrial endoscopes from various producers have always been the emphases of their work. Their know-how in combination with strong personal engagement of all employees, creativity, team spirit and reliability of a family company assure the highest quality.